Want to create your box? Advice women entrepreneurs to take the plunge



They left their jobs to follow their dreams by starting their own business in the ready-to-wear, tourism and gastronomy. We have compiled 20 of their most valuable advice for those who would also plunge.

Asking the right questions

Be clear with yourself not to be disappointed or frustrated then. Do I want to create my own job or do I want to create an activity that is built to grow strongly? The approach is very different and also make concessions.

Do not neglect the initial bet

This is not because we created an Internet business that financing be overlooked. No key, it must have the means to make its website (traffic acquisition, communication).

Do not confuse hobbies and profession

An idea will not work only because we love what we do, there must be a real demand.


We must try. If we plant, we learn of his failure and start again. Be bold, do not hesitate to enter the gates: it always pays! You will never learn much by trying, testing. Better to start, realize that we were wrong, fail and start again, rather than trying to develop a theoretically perfect project and realize after six months that it is ‘deadlock.

Listen instinct

If you doubt a project, do not do it. If you believe it, check some data and get going!


If finding time to realize his project. Business creation is a marathon, not a sprint.

Do not cut corners and constantly investing

Do not embark blindly ignoring the practical details. Place the product at the center of its priorities. Word-of-mouth can only work if you have a quality product that meets a need. Loving your product is a key factor for well sell it. Create a professional ecosystem to promote meetings in its sector.

Well surrounded

It is often advisable to associate with at least one person who shares the same vision and the same passion, and preferably, with complementary skills. We must remain humble and confident. I think that exchanging with everyone, everyone, anyone, is central to the idea without stopping challenger, enrich it, to make it evolve. Never think that holds true.

Be accompanied

Whether to write a business plan or for support when through a bad patch, help is fundamental.

To trust

Do not listen too much advice! Your investors, your friends, your family, everyone has good advice to give you. Never forget that it is you who know best your business. As a woman, do not hesitate to impose, including a very masculine world, like the world of wine. Persevere through the obstacles because this is what forges the entrepreneur in you. Believe in yourself and work on self-esteem, what women sometimes lack!


You should also know if grant niche for himself and his beloved. From time to time I plan my schedule in a 3 hour window during the day, just for us. As if it were an appointment as important as the others.


Source : terrafemina.com